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Shorcuts to solve word Formation easily in Exams


Easy Method to solve Word Formation

Word formation

This section aims to test the verbal knowledge of the candidates along with logical skills in the limited amount of time. These questions are easy if done after proper practice and knowing what exactly to look for in the question.

Types of questions asked:

1. Word formation by unscrambling letters:

In such questions, usually jumbled letters are given various types of questions are asked on the unscrambled word thus formed. For example:

a) VARSTEChoose the correct order of letters which are required to form the correct word.

i) 2, 3, 1, 6, 4, 5
ii) 3, 2, 4, 5, 6, 1
iii) 4, 5, 2, 3, 1, 6
iv) 6, 3, 4, 5, 2, 1
Here, we’ve to create the correct word and ‘V’ has been labeled as 1, ‘A’ as 2, ‘R’ as 3, ‘S’ as 4, ‘T’ as 5 and ‘E’ as 6.
On observing we can see the correct word is STARVE. Hence, the correct order is 4(for S) 5(for T) 2316 ⇒ 452316 ⇒e. option iii) is correct.

b) Unscramble the words in options and find the odd-one out:

ii) WKLA
iii) PEELS
iv) UNR
Let’s unscramble the options:
iv) UNR⇒ RUN.
We can see that all options except PEELS or SLEEP are active actions while sleep is a passive activity. So, option iii) is odd-one out.

c) Unscrambled the word in question and find the option most similar in meaning to rearranged word:

i) Intelligent
ii) Difficult
iii) Laborious
iv) Quick
On unscrambling the word we can see that the given word is DILIGENT. And, synonym for diligent is Laborious so option iii) is the answer. Similar question on antonym can also be asked.

2. Word formation using letters of a given word:

a) Using certain letters of a word:

If it’s possible to make a meaningful word from 2nd,5th, 6th and 7th letters of the word GENEROSITY, then which will be the first letter of that word? Mark X if no such word can be formed, M if more than 1 such word can be formed.
i) R
ii) S
iii) O
iv) M
Here, the word = GENEROSITY
2nd,5th, 6th and 7th letters = E, R, O and S
Words starting with E = none, with R = ROSE, with O = ORES, with S = SORE
Clearly, we can see that more than 1 i.e. 3 words can be formed so we’ll mark ‘M” i.e. option iv) as the answer.
Note: Had the ROSE been the only word getting formed then we’d have marked option i) i.e. R as answer because R is first letter of only word ROSE.

b) Using certain letters of a series:

U H    O   L   Y     F    G    W     Z    B    A   S   R
Above a series is given, how many meaningful word can be formed from 3rd letter from left, 4th letter from right, 6th letter from left and 9th letter from right?
i) One
ii) Two
iii) Three
iv) none
Here the series: (left) U    H    O   L   Y     F    G    W     Z    B    A   S   R (right)
3rd letter from left = O, , 6th letter from left = F,
4th letter from right = B, 9th letter from right = Y
Given letters = O, F, B, Y
We can see no such meaningful word can be formed using the aforementioned alphabets. Hence, we’ll mark ‘none’ i.e. option iv) as the correct answer.

c) Changing consonant/vowel:

If each vowel in OVEN is changed to the previous letters in English alphabet and the consonants are changed to next letters of English alphabets, how many meaningful words can be formed using the letters of new word thus formed using each letter only once?
i) One
ii) Two
iii) Three
iv) none
Word given: OVEN
Changing vowels(O and E) to previous letters: NVDN
Changing consonants (V and N) to next letters: NWDOSo, given letters = N, W, D and O
We can see word thus formed = DOWN
Hence, only one word can be formed and correct option is option i)

d) Finding correct option:

Sometimes, questions come where we have to answer if word(s) given in options can be created using the letter of word given in question. For example a question below:
From the following alternatives, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word:

Let’s check all the options:

a) TENT It can’t be formed as it requires 2 T’s.
b) SEND ⇒ It can be formed.
c) SENT⇒ It can be formed.
d) MEND⇒ It can be formed.
Hence, option a) is the answer.