Sunday, 22 January 2017

National Organisation and its headquarter

National Organisation 

  • Rashtriya Bal Bhavan—New Delhi
  • Institute of Central Indian Language—Mysore
  • Central Hindi Institute—Agra
  • Central Museum Authority—New Delhi
  • Central Pollution Control Board—Delhi
  • Indian Forest Research and Education Council—Dehradun
  • Indian Forest Survey—Jorhat
  • Air Force Academy—Hyderabad
  • Indian Military Academy—Dehradun
  • Institute of National Museum History for Art Conservation and Science Museum—New Delhi
  • Lalit Kala Academy (1954)—New Delhi
  • Institute of Indian Diamond—Surat
  • National Science Museum Parishad—Kolkata
  • Indian Standard Bureau—Delhi
  • Pesticide Technology Institute—Gurgaon
  • National Aluminium Co. Ltd.—Orissa
  • National Justice Academy—Bhopal
  • Satyajeet Ray Film and Television Institute— Kolkata
  • National Film Archieves—Pune
  • Indian Science Academy—Allahabad
  • National Project Construction Corporation Ltd.—New Delhi
  • Telecommunication Engineering Centre—New Delhi