Monday, 23 January 2017

Notes for Defence exercise between India and other


Important Defence Exercises between India and Other

      Garuda: India-France

Hand-Hand: India-China

Indra: India-Russia


Malbar: Us-India

Shade: Naval Forces Of India, Japan And China

Surya Kiran: India And Nepal

Varuna: France And India

Simbex: Indian Navy With Republic Of Singapore Navy

Ibsamar: India with Brazil And South African Navy

Konkan: Indian Navy and Royal Navy Of Britain

Ausindex: Indian & Australian Navy

Indradhanush Or Rainbow: India-Uk Air Exercises

Nomadic Elephant: Indian Army Exercises with Mongolia

Ekuverin: Maldives & India

Garuda Shakti: India & Indonesia

Mitra Shakti: India-Sri Lanka 

Naseem Al-Bahr: India-Oman